Sanjay Dubri is located in the north eastern corner of the state of Madhya Pradesh in the ditricts  of Sidhi & Shahdol over an area of 1674.511 The core comprises of Dubri Sanctuary and Sanjay National Park, while buffer area includes the area of Sidhi & Shahdol disticts. Gurughasidas National Park Forms the southern boundary of the reserve. Dubri Sanctuary is located in plains, the National Park is full of undulating terrain and some plateau. The eastern & western boundaries of the Reserve are formed by Gopad & Banas rivers respectively, which flow into river Son and become part of Son-Gharial Sanctuary, where critically endangered gharials breed in the wild. Bagdara Sanctuary is located in North Eastern side of Son and lies in Singrauli District where black buck can be sighted.The speciality of this reserve is it’s unexplored true wilderness. Being of birth place of first white tiger  ‘MOHAN’ makes it most special reserve in India. One of the main thing is that the park has 11 perennial rivers which makes it’s a rich biodiversity.