Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve is just 100 km from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve mere two hour drive.


  • Tiger sighting is always a matter of chance but regular sightings are reported.
  • Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Chowsingha, Langoor, Wildboar, Jackal, are frequently sighted.
  • Dynamic dry deciduous forest undergoes dramatic change from lush green in monsoon to desolate dry grey in summer.
  • It is part of Bandhavgarh-Sanjay-Guru Ghasidas-Palamau landscape and has been identified as one of four potential tiger meta-populations landscapes which are currently in need of conservation inputs. The terrain of Dubri sanctuary is almost plain while that of Sanjay national park is hilly. Various perennial rivers flow through the reserve viz. Gopad, Banas, Mawai, Mahan, Kodmar, Umrari etc.  Rivers Gopad and Banas flow into the river Son to form Son Gharial Sanctuary which is one of the five places in the world where the critically endangered gharials are breeding in the wild.


Daily as follows:

Winter Season, October to February
Morning Round Sunrise to 11:00 AM
Afternoon Round 3:00 PM to Sunset
Summer Season, March to June
Morning Round Sunrise to 11:00 AM
Afternoon Round 4:00 PM to Sunset


November to February


  • Badkadol
  • Kholipahari
  • Karwahi
  • Kusmi


Station Distance
Badkadol gate to Singrauli 130 km
Satna to Chamradol (190 km) to Badkadol gate    (10 km) 200 km
Badkadol gate to Chamradol 10 km
Badkadol gate to Rewa (130 kms) to Satna (70 kms) 200 km
Badkadol gate to Sidhi 70 km
Badkadol gate to Beohari 40 km
Badkadol gate to Katni 200 km
Badkadol gate to Panna 290 km
Badkadol gate to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve 110 km
Badkadol gate to Jabalpur 290 km
Badkadol gate to Shahdol 125 km


 Park gate Badkadol

Nearest Airport:

Jabalpur (300 km), Varanasi (333 km).

Nearby main Rail-heads:

  • Katni (200 km) for those traveling from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, Banglore, Nagpur.
  • Satna (200 km) for those traveling from Delhi, Allahabad, Kolkata and Varanasi.
  • Beohari (40 km) for those traveling from Kolkata, Singrouli.


  • Reserve does not have any transport facility for the visitors.
  • Four wheel drive petrol vehicle is best for wildlife watching and going around the Reserve. Rough terrain, un-metalled roads, steep inclines are difficult for other vehicles.
  • Private vehicles can be hired at Chamradol Point.


  • Tiger Reserve has very good tourist accommodation at Parsili Resort, Dubri Forest Rest House and Bastua Forest Rest House. They are allotted on first come-first-serve basis and on the condition of availability. Reservation is done by
Post Office and telephone :  Majhouli, Beohari, Chamradol 


Police Station  :  Majhouli, Beohari, Sidhi

Hospital and Bank : Majhouli, Beohari, Sidhi

Petrol Pump : All along with the Sidhi-Beohari state highway

Guides : Trained guides at Badkadol and Kholipahari entry gate



At present the following rates are applicable. For second and third rounds concessional rates applicable.

1. Park Entry Fees
  Viewing wildlife by Vehicles (Per Round)
  Full vehicle permit, in a vehicle registered by park management for tourism purpose (Light Motor Vehicles), maximum 6 persons. : Rs. 1550
  Fee for vehicle Charge (Registered vehicles are few to save 1500 ensured advanced gypsy booking) : Rs. 2500
2. Guide Fees
  Guide : Rs. 480/round


Area : 1674.511 sq. km
Core : 812.581 sq. km
Buffer : 861.93 sq. km
Bagdara Sanctuary : 478 Sq km
Son Ghariyal Sanctuary : 209 Sq km
Longitude : 79°45′ E to 80°09′ E
Latitude : 24°27′ N to 24°46′ N
Altitude : 212 m to 538 m above M.S.L
Rainfall : 1100 mm average
Temperature : Min 5°C -Max 45°C
Summer : March- mid June
Rainy Season : mid June-mid September
Winter : mid-October – February


  • Early mornings and late afternoons are best suited for visiting the forests and sighting of animals.
  • Small groups are ideal. While going inside the forest, taking a guide is compulsory.
  • Carry drinking water
  • Do not disturb or tease animals. Respect animals and their habitats.
  • Refrain from smoking or lighting of fire.
  • Do not carry any firearms.
  • Radio and tape recorders are better left behind. Enjoy the music of the forest.
  • Use the designated dustbins for throwing waste Carrying plastics and other non-degradable material is prohibited.
  • Do not get out of vehicle at places other than the designated area.
  • Visitors are advised to avoid using perfumes and scented oils as these might attract honey bees.
  • Please consult your guide for what to see when and where.
  • Park Management has the right to close the Reserve any time for management objectives.
  • Offences in the Park are dealt in accordance with Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972