places to visit Only Dubri zone is core zone whereas different zones are combine zone of core and buffer space. throughout expedition you may enter through Badkadol gate. expedition can take you over following spots aside from tiger observance and elephant expedition.


Before coming into to Badkadol gate you’ll be able to get pleasure from mesmerizing road of Banas stream from here. Forest department have engineered some pagoda at now wherever you’ll be able to take rest when expedition and have breakfast. Sunset from here is spectacular. One walking path conjointly created to allow you a short introduction of jungle within. you’ll be able to conjointly rent bicycle from here. this can be in buffer space wherever you’ll be able to get pleasure from bathing in stream with some rules and regulation.


Hanthi camp is on the tourer route wherever you’ll see elephant management . this can be placed at Khairi jheel were you’ll see saprozoic like noticed cervix, blue bull,wild boar and a number of other bird species.


This can be terribly prime space of tiger and different carnivorous observation like Ursus ursinus and Leopard. you’ll see many water Birds too.


This will be terribly new experience This site show you  the sacrifices of the villagers how they have left their motherland to produce free house to the wildlife. Here you’ll additionally see herds of carnivorous.


This the heart of Dubri zone and another wild life destination.


Once long expedition none place be a lot of beautiful than this place. this can be second highest purpose of Dubri sanctuary once Chankar Pahad. From here you’ll take a bird-eye read of virtually whole tiger reserve of Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve.


This is best place for selfie. inventive arrangement of rock formation provides a best background on selfie. If you’re visiting park between Nov to March you’ll additionally see insectivorous plant ‘DROSERA’ here. 


This is on off route if you’re curious about fossils you’ll visit this website on special permission from park management. Above purpose ar of core zone expedition you’ll see different a lot of attention-grabbing places in Buffer zone expedition like Giddha Pahar, Tiger hill, Kanhaya Dah, Bati Dah, Kudmar walking trail, Turra Nath, Mara caves and plenty of a lot of.