the-story-1Rewa riyasat dominated by Baghel emperor for thirty four generation. throughout this era killing and looking of tiger wasn’t allowed for everybody. For this there was serious penalisation. Tiger looking was wear the standard demand or complain of farmers and someday for amusement.

In 1850 AD. One shikargah was created at “Bhamvarsen” by the king of Rewa Vishwanath singh. Shri Devendra Kumar wrote on his book- “Son ke Paani ke Rang” on page no. 311.During world war-I the Rewa king Gulab singh caught the primary white cub from “PINGERHA NALA” (a tributary nala of son river).In 1985 Rewa king Venquet Raman singh caught 2 white tiger cubs from Sohagpur district Shahdol and unbroken in Rewa at “choti kothi” presently close to Ghantaghar, however they died presently.

According to the explanation Society metropolis, throughout 1933 and around this era regarding thirty seven white tiger had killed. According written documents king Raghuraj singh afraid thirty-nine, and king Vanquat Raman singh was at 158. Kingh Gulab singh 619 and king Martand singh was at eighty five tiger. King Martand singh, once he was a Yuvraj(Prince) afraid one white tiger in Gadhva forest of Sidhi district in 1936. And once more 2 white tiger in 1938 in Kubri forest of Sidhi district once he was sixteen year recent.

In 1946 and 1947 king Martand singh afraid one white Panthera tigris and one white tiger severally. once this looking his heart full of grief and he determined to shield white tiger. then he proclaimed that no-one would kill or Hunt white tiger and conjointly proclaimed prize for data of white tiger

The information regarding the white tiger came from Sidhi district the toponym was “PANKHORA NALA” near Kudmar stream. A looking camp organized there. The camp responsible was Surendra Singh on fourth June 1951, he informed Kumar Yashwant Singh that one tigres was noticed with 3 Cubs and one in every of them one is white.”HANKA” was organized. At that point king of Jodhpur Ajeet Singh was guest of Rewa maharajah Martand Singh.
One Panthera tigris cub noticed initial abd was shot dead by elder son of Ajeet Singh, Shri Shoubhagya Singh. Then second feminine cub came and conjointly shot dead by second son of Ajeet Singh, shri Swaroop Singh. then third white cub spoted . King Martand singh, suddenly he ordered to catch him alive. HANKA stopped and looking of white cub started.
Next day on fifth June 1951 pursuit team and camp responsible Surendra Singh and Arimardan singh started pursuit whereas cub spoted in an exceedingly cave, they fill the gap of cave with the assistance of little rocks. sixth June 1951 one picket cage was created and placed on gap of the cave,white cub caught during this cage and named “MOHAN” by the Martand singh because of his beauty.
Mohan was unbroken in Govindgarh fort, and his initial mating was done with “BEGUM” but all Cubs were yellow. he was once more mate with “RADHA” and “SUKESHI” who gave birth to white tiger cubs.The notable father of white tiger for this world is “MOHAN”. he died in nineteen years adulthood on 18th Gregorian calendar month 1968 at 12:30 AM. All existing white tiger on any corner of the globe area unit issue of Mohan.
All conservation credit goes to maharajah Martand singh of Rewa Riyasat. On the memory of Mohan a white tiger campaign established in the fort of Govindgarh and named once the name of it’s conservator HH Martand singh.
This is world’s initial white tiger campaign.